One of the joys of creating a new business is bringing together people from different walks of life. This comes with different viewpoints – about life, work, and, yes, tech. When you rent instead of buy, you can keep everyone happy with a more pick-and-mix approach, and retain your startup's individuality.


Anything-but-Apple addicts


The world’s mavericks used to wear Apple, but increasingly it feels that today’s pioneers are top-to-toe Android/MS. We can relate with the feeling of not wanting to be tied down.

Always-Apple afficionados


They may be a proprietary at times but it's still pleasing the way all things Apple sync together. iThings, we still love you, so do plenty of other people. Make them happy with some of these.



It’s not a luxury to get your designers powerful gear. It’s less waiting time and frustration for them, and more great work

for you. Win-win.


Now you’ve done that, do this...

Host an event with a difference

Get set up for work and play

Make something amazing